Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why we're in Yuma

I don't know if i've ever really explained why we are in Yuma. 
The easiest answer is Tyler is building a Cancer Treatment Center here.
But that's not very much info...so instead I'll let him explain.

I work for a company called Okland Construction. We do a lot of commercial spaces, which include hospitals and health related buildings. I was asked to come down to Yuma back in August of last year to help build a cancer treatment center. I saw it as a great opportunity to learn and to grow, and it really has been a great experience thus far. Lexi & I expect to be back in the Gilbert area sometime mid summer.
Below I have attached a few photos of my project.

This picture is one that I took last year when we were forming the concrete wall for the LINAC vault. This is where they have their radiation machine. The concrete perimeter walls are 3 feet thick with a 4.5 foot concrete lid.

Part of the vault has a door lined with lead bricks. (shown above) 
The door totals in weight of 38,000 pounds.

In the center of the concrete lid, there is lead to help with radiation spreading out of the vault.

This last photo is just an overall view of what the building looks like. Its about 40,000 sq ft. and will be a great benefit to the Yuma community.
 Its been fun to see the community excited about the facility.

And that is why we are in Yuma. :)

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