Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why My Husband Is The Sweetest.

So fun news...I am no longer just a Housewife of Yuma County....I'm now a volunteer too!
Tyler works pretty closely with the higher-ups of the hospital, and when Machele found out I had moved here, she asked if I would be interested in volunteering. 
I figured since we wouldn't be here too long, getting a job would be silly, but volunteering would be fun! 
(Not to mention...looks great on a resume :) )
So I went through the training and tests, and today was my first day. 

 first day selfie...totally necessary
I am working with the Community Relations/Marketing department. I'm pretty excited, hopefully this will help me decide if marketing is something I would be interested in pursuing for school and as a career. Plus, the girls that run this department are super cool. And normal. 

And now the part about why my husband is the sweetest.

I came home from 'work' to find this sweet love note!

And then after running some errands, I came home to put the groceries in the fridge and noticed this one!

AND THEN when I got out my laptop to do some bloggin' and such, I found this!!

Love notes are the best. 
Also Tyler is the best.

Happy Wednesday!

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