Monday, January 19, 2015

Green Valley Hospital

Friday afternoon I headed down to Tucson to visit my hard-working husband!
He was working the Saturday shift so we decided that I'd go visit and hang out in Green Valley for the day. I love visiting Tyler's projects, I think it is so fun to watch him work and do his thing. It's neat being able to see the progress of a building, I'm so bad at trying to picture what it will look like when it's done, but it's sure fun to see it all in the works! 

While Tyler was giving me the grand tour, I got to meet a few of his subcontractors. After we were done walking the site, Tyler got a call from one of those subcontractors, Tony. He asked if we could come meet him, that he wanted to show me something. We met up and he pulled out his phone to show me a photo. He explained that when he saw me, he immediately thought of his daughter who passed away 2 years ago. He said that she was my same size, and she dressed in jeans and boots just like I was. It was so sweet to see his eyes light up as he talked about her and as he showed me different photos. I was so honored that I was able to remind this man of his daughter, and I was so humbled that he was willing to share her with me. He said, "I was going to wait and see if we just ran into each other again for me to show you, but my heart was so heavy I had to call!" Seriously, made my day!!

 showing me how a hospital works // patient room

 view from the roof

 doing my part..sweeping Ty's office // labeling each room 

After a hard-day's work, we hopped on our bikes and headed up towards the mountains behind the hospital. It was a pretty grueling ride for me, I didn't realize how uphill it was until we had turned around and were speeding back down to the car! I love riding with Tyler, I'm so grateful he introduced me to the sport. I think every couple needs a sport or hobby that they are able to do together. 

It was fun to be able to get down to Ty's project and see all his work from the past few months. I'm so grateful for the hard-worker that he is, and for his willingness to provide for our family. He sure is the best!! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow Day

Us Arizonans don't get the opportunity to play in the snow very when there's a crazy huge storm on New Years Eve and even THE VALLEY got a little snow, you've gotta pack up the fam and head up north to play in it! 

Jami and Brandon had planned little snow trip for their girls when they learned of the storm, and were kind enough to invite the Heningers and Camps to tag along. So Friday morning we jumped in the car and took off for the snowy land of Payson, AZ. 

After driving around Payson trying to find a good sledding area, we ended up waaaaaay up the road in the mountains. We found a nice little spot and after donning on our winter gear, trudged off in the snow to find some sledding gold. 
(shout out to my daddy for the amazing rock!! check out his family blog @

Little Kiley absolutely LOVED walking through the snow! It was all the way up to her thighs, but that did not stop her from tromping through it! Brookie was a little more weary, but once I set her down in a spot that was more compressed, she loved walking in her cute little rain boots through the snow. 

Tyler and Brandon finally found a spot off in the trees that was proclaimed to be The Spot, so the sledding madness began!

Even Mama Ray went down! In fact...I'm pretty sure she went down more than anyone else. haha! 

I got Kiley to go with me once, but after that she was more content to just watch. Brookie had no desire to go down, so she just sat and watched. :)

After Kiley had enough watching, she wanted to build a snowman. By now, the poor little girls were so cold they were getting pretty miserable. Jami and Tyler quickly built up a little "Olaf" and after snapping a family photo, we were off. 
 Brandon and the girls watching...too cold to help! 

Thank goodness for the GoPro and being able to get the whole family in the shot! 

It was so fun to get all bundled up and romp through the snow for a little bit.
We even got to try out our new snow boots...and I would HIGHLY recommend Sorel boots to anyone living in the snow! My toes weren't cold for even a second...and that never happens! 
(I got THESE and Ty got THESE)

Thanks Halls for inviting us to come play!

Brandon put together this awesome film...We love ourselves some Brando Films!!