Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Our boy Nate was featured on KSL.com today! 
It's an awesome article written by a friend of Nate's, Brooke Porter.
She did an amazing job.

Brooke nailed it on the head when she wrote, 

"It’s hard to not to have faith in someone who is caught smiling in every hospital picture, proclaiming to the world that he still plans on becoming a doctor — whether or not he gains functions in his legs again. Seems like this Aikele has more than one win left in his future."

Nate definitely has many more wins in his horizon, and we are thankful to be here cheering for him along the way!

View the full article HERE

I was texting Nate earlier congratulating him on the article and asking for an update, and he replied that he is feeling better every day. His only request is an IV filled with Diet Mtn Dew. Hahaha! That's our Nate, he really must be feeling better! :)

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