Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Day

Feeling grateful for family, friends, and photo booths.
Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Monday, November 24, 2014

CAMPout 2014

This past weekend we were lucky enough to get the Camps down for a quick visit!! 
It was so fun being together and enjoying this beautiful AZ weather. Although it was a fast and furious weekend, we had a blast! 

Started the day the best way possible...a trip to the Gilbert Temple. Tyler's parents weren't able to make it to the open house last time they were down, (too busy with wedding stuff) so it was neat for Tyler to be able to show them all his hard work. 
I forgot to take a photo...i'm pretty bummed about it. Next time! 

After lunch, we headed into downtown Phoenix to the Arizona Science Center! I've never been...and it wasn't what I was expecting. But it was still interesting and we had fun trying all the stations! 

Thank goodness for the GoPro group shot :)

When we got home Tyler fired up the grill and we enjoyed a little BBQ for dinner, played some catch, and then I got to teach the Camps the joy of Bananagrams and Rumikub! 
(thanks for humoring me and playing games!)

Woke up and headed down to Joe's Farm Grill for breakfast! It was delicious, as always. 
We borrowed some bikes from my parents (thanks!) and decided to work off breakfast with a bike ride around the neighborhood!! I don't know about everyone else...but I had a blast! There's just something about getting out in the sunshine and being physically active that makes me so happy :)

Since we worked off all our was time for lunch. We ate, then hung out at the house for a bit. The boys all went in the backyard and after hearing some serious giggling going on, Terry and I walked out to some happy boys playing catch and enjoying the sunshine! Terry and I then went and got our nails done while the boys went to the driving range. 

After meeting back up we went over the the San Tan mall and walked around a bit before dinner at Pei Wei. (yum!) We wrapped up the night watching Maleficent. 

More games, Sacrament meeting, then goodbyes :( 

We are so thankful that the family was able to come down to visit!
 We missed Cody, Flor and the kids, and hope we can get them down here soon too. 
Can't wait to spend Christmas in Idaho...although I think I'm gonna need some warmer clothes. ;) 

Thanks for coming to visit Camps, we sure do love you!! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kick-Off to the Holidays

Who doesn't love dressing up and getting a judgment-free-nerd-alert pass once a year?! 
Thank goodness for Halloween, am i right? ;)

So Halloween day for me looked like this:
Senor Trent     //     Heid & Loyal "getting fit for the Holidays"

 As always, we had our annual Plastic Engineering Halloween Extravaganza...which means Chili Cook-off for lunch and a Creative costume party!! 
I'm always the lucky one that gets to help put our company parties together, 
(aka, make the fliers and send out emails, help gather everyone and clean up when it's over) 
and this Halloween party was once again fantastic! 
We had great participation in the creative costume contest, it was so fun to see everyone's silly sides come out and have a good time together! 

 Anna and Elsa (Josh & Jayson)     //     Granny NJ and Indiana Brett

 Heidi & Clark Kent (Ian)     //     Cowboy Tony and Senor Grant

 Maria the witch     //     Crayon Loo and my favorite Shipping & Receiving Mexicans.

 The Office Girls
Heidi, me, Jenn the nerd, Claire the nurse, and Darbie the cop

I feel so blessed to work for such a great company!

That evening, Tyler and I went to a hot dog dinner on our next-door neighbors driveway (supposedly a Sable street tradition) for a bite to eat before the Trick-or-Treating began,  then headed to my parents house to see the girls and family before making our way to a costume party hosted by one of my friends, Candace. 
(click HERE to check out her blog, she is such a cutie!!) 

A slight costume change to include the husband....
Agnes and her Unicorn
(from Despicable Me)

Unicorn, Agnes, Mickey & Minnie Mouse

The Shiflet's threw a great party with fun games, excellent treats, friends, and a costume contest to end the night... and Guess who won that costume contest????

You better believe it, Agnes and her Unicorn! 
WOO HOO!! I've never won anything in my life. Thanks to Tyler for having the best costume idea, and being such a great sport about wearing such a toasty onesie all night. 
(yes you read that right...this was ALL Tyler's idea!) 
Everyone's costumes were so good, I was so impressed with all the creativity and awesome ideas. 

TOP: (left to right) Captain America & Black Widow, Mob Boss & his floozy, Mike Wasowski & Boo, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Deer and a Hunter, "Operation" and  a nurse, Barbie &Ken
BOTTOM: Unicorn & Agnes, Scuba divers, Squints & Wendy Peffercorn, Double Dare contestants

Thanks Candace and Jason for a great evening, you two are excellent hosts, we had such a blast!! 

Hope y'all had as fun of a night as we's to a great kick-off of the Holiday season!