Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mornings...

Nothing says monday morning like a little leak!
(A little leak that floods the garage & living room)

Timeline of Today
5:00am: Tyler heads out to work, but as he opens the bedroom door, he notices a shrieking sound. After tracing it outside, he sees that there was a pipe that had burst open in the garage, ripping the drywall clear off and leaving a nice puddle covering the entire floor. (see below)

 Opening the garage, the water floods the entire driveway...
 ...and front walk way.

Walking back inside, he notices the living room looks a little glassy.
5:05am: I wake up, and hearing Tyler scramble around the house and that nasty shrieking sound, I hop out of bed to see what's up. 
5:10am: After searching everywhere, a nice neighbor who happened to be outside shows us where the shut off is. Tyler shuts off the water, and we begin cleaning up. 
5:45am: When we have everything on towels and shoved into the kitchen, Tyler heads off to work and I start vacuuming.

6:00 - 8:00am: 3 of these and a few towels later, the floor is finally dry! 

8:30am: Tyler gets some big fans, and still not being able to get in touch with the Landlord, we set them up to start drying both inside and out.

10:00am: The Landlord FINALLY comes and starts renovation.

By 10:30am we finally have running water, and I get to shower and officially start my day! :)

In the meantime, Tyler tweaked his back and has been in excruciating pain all day.

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