Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Anniversary 2.15.16

On Monday, February 15th we celebrated our second anniversary!
We did it! We made it two whole years!

To celebrate, I surprised Tyler at his job site for a lunch date. We went to our new favorite 
sub shop, Jersey Mike's. After lunch we swung by Lowe's to get more supplies for our garden. (Yes! We started a garden!! And it's still alive!) Before I left for work, Tyler told me he had planned a little surprise for me as well...we were both getting off work a little early so we could go for a sunset hike picnic! 

((The first date that I took Tyler on, we went on a sunset hike picnic up Silly Mountain. It became a fun tradition, and every once in a while we find ourselves atop Silly Mountain with Firehouse subs enjoying the beautiful weather and watching the sunset.)) 

So after I got home from work, we worked real quick on our garden, then left for our hike. Instead of Firehouse this time, we picked up some Chipotle burrito bowls. (We had subs for lunch...so another sandwich just didn't sound too appealing.) It was so fun to spend the afternoon together, and the weather was so beautiful. Not to mention, walking off that burrito bowl felt pretty good too. ;) 

I love being a Camp, and am so happy that I get to spend eternity with this guy!! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Utah Trip 2.10.15

My favorite little sister graduated from Aveda Hair School in February! (woohoo! go Holly!!) When my parents told me they were going up to Utah and I could tag along, I jumped at the opportunity! Tyler was so sweet to encourage me to take a few days off and go see my family, I sure do really like that guy. ;)  

We had such a great time, it was so fun to see my Utah family members. We just don't get up there often enough! I took loads of photos on my real camera, but haven't gone through them yet, so please enjoy this dump of iPhone photos! 

 Teaching Dad about SnapChat while driving (super safe, I know) - Arrived at Pop Pops! 

 Visiting the BYU Art Museum

 They had a Norman Rockwell exhibit going on that mom wanted to go see, and I'm so glad we did! All I knew of his work was what's always in the doctors offices...you know the one with the boy looking at a painting with his pants down and the doctor about to poke him with a shot?! haha I love that one. :) Anywhoo, he was an amazing artist and it was neat to learn more about him, and how & why he painted. His work is truly American, and I loved his patriotism!!  
 I also really loved this string rainbow hanging up in the lobby...so freaking cool. 
 Holly's legit worst fear...the "Fear Of Missing Out". Anyone who knows Holly knows that she is always waiting for the best offer, the most fun thing to do. She wants to be everywhere, having fun 100% of the time. I should have bought her this shirt. 
 When we went to walk around the Riverwoods, there had been an ice sculpture contest the night before...and Darth was just hanging out in the middle of the courtyard! 
 Gotta make an Ice Cream stop at the creamery!

"Wanna build a snoooowmaaaan??" -Anna from Frozen

Photo cred: Matt Heninger
While we were there I got some family photos of the Prothero's.

  I also convinced Sean to let me take some pictures of him and Lindsey for their mom. He wouldn't even cut his mullet for the occasion...but don't worry, we took care of it the day after. RIP Mullet.

The day I had to leave we stopped at the Provo City Center Temple. It is gorgeous!! I took photos on my real camera, but since I haven't had time to go through all those yet...here's a photo that my dad posted. Cute little Mama sandwich!

Once I go through my real photos I will probably post those too...but until then I hope you have enjoyed my iPhone photo magic! :) 

Thanks for letting me tag along on the Utah trip mom and dad, and another shout out to Holly for sticking through school and getting your license! You go girl!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CAMP out 2015 12.26.15 - 12.31.15

The day after Christmas Tyler and I got the best christmas present...visitors from up north! :)
Terry, Stacey and Garrett flew down from Idaho and Matt from San Fransisco to come spend a few days in the lovely AZ desert. We filled our days with fun activities... visiting the Mesa LDS Temple christmas lights, scooter rides and shooting guns, Hiking Silly mountain, Top Golf and lots of games...we had a blast! It is always such a pleasure having family come visit, we sure do miss seeing everyone!

Mesa Temple Lights
(we wish Cody and his family could have been here!)

Hiking Silly Mountain
 Superstition Mountains

Garrett didn't believe me about "Jumping Cholla" cacti...they really do jump out and get ya!

 Scootie McScoot Scoot
Stacey, Matt & Garrett taking the scoot-scoot for a spin!


I love playing games, and having everyone sit around the table and play was so fun!!

 Target shooting at Queen Valley

 Anyone who says AZ is ugly...I have a bone to pick with you!
 Tyler offered a $10 QT gift card to whomever could hit the most clay pigeons. 
It was a close race, but my Dad came out victor by 1 pigeon! 

We never got a photo of all of us together...I am so mad at myself! I'm all about the group shot, what was I thinking?!

 Breakfast at Joe's & Top Golf

I had never been to Top Golf...and I have never been golfing (besides mini putt putt), so this was quite the adventure for me. I am TERRIBLE...I really don't understand how anyone can hit a ball! But the boys did great, and even though we never really understood how it all worked, it was fun spending the morning together!

 Thanks for the visit Camps, can't wait until our next Camp family AZ Adventure!