Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Special Visitor

Check out who came to say 'Hey' to Nate today!
Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong surprised Nate and stopped by to give encouragement after hearing about his accident from one of Nate's buddies.

When I texted Nate about this experience, he responded:
"He was a great guy, and super sincere. I loved all of it. He inspired me to get through this and get moving however possible!"

Nate's sister Amyjo added: One question in particular that Nate asked was "How do you deal with the agony that you go through on a endurance climb?." 
Lance responded, "You get tunnel vision, you figure out what you need to do and you do it." 
"This applies well to cycling," Nate said, to which I replied, "It applies well to life."
Nate also said of Lance, "You see people that have gone through a hard time and made it out successful..." Nate is going to do that same thing. 

It was inspiring for not only Nate but our entire family to see Lance today. Mom was overjoyed. We would like to thank Mason McMullin for making this all possible. I don't know HOW you managed to get Lance Armstrong here, but we are all so thankful for you. 

Not only did Lance stop by, he also donated to Nate's fund! 
(donations can be made HERE)

So many people have been reaching out and supporting Nate, cyclists and non-cyclists a-like. 
From retweets to reposts, to emails, to donations, to all kinds of spreading the word, we truly appreciate the love and support that has been felt. 
Nate, Lance, Diane (sister), and Lori (mom)

To get even more updates on Nate, follow him at nateaikele.blogspot.com

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