Friday, April 25, 2014

Breakfast at Joe's

This morning I got to go to breakfast with my sweet little sister and her friend Georgia!
Hearing stories of High School [the teachers, the classes, the boys] was so funny. 
That Georgia had me giggling all morning! She's such a hoot, I'm so glad Holly has good friends like her. 

Speaking of good friends, Sean Wade also joined us. We started reminiscing about our High School days...and as fun as Highland High was...I am SO glad that chapter of my life is over. :)
(Holly loves eating breakfast with me. obviously.) 
Looks heavenly, right?! 
it was. it really was. 
It was a delicious breakfast with lovely company and lots of laughs!

On a less delicious note; I mentioned in an earlier post that cute Tyler tweaked his back.
Turns out it's a little more serious than we originally thought.
He had an MRI done yesterday, and we go in to the doctors Monday to find out more info.
I'll keep y'all posted, but in the meantime, please keep Tyler in your prayers!

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