Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dr. Aikele

This is Nate. 

Nate and I met the summer of 2006.
 We were neighbors while attending BYU-I, but we really started to hang out when we were invited out on a weekend Lake trip to Ogden. While on the trip, I realized how much fun Nate was, (we spent half the trip trying to throw each other into the water while on jet skis) and how much he encouraged me to enjoy life more. After that summer we roomed together off and on throughout the rest of college and the fall thereafter. 
I have a lot of fun memories with Nate-- from failed attempts chasing girls, to late nights of the video game 'Singstar', to having to drive through certain states to help insure that his unpaid tickets wouldn't catch up to him, hahaha!! Nate quickly became one of my best friends, and has since been a large support to me. He has helped me through some tough times, but also helped me find the fun and joy in them; from helping me become an average skier,  to sharing his passion of cycling and encouraging me to ride after I had my surgery on my back. 
When I had to get surgery, it was a hard time for me. I couldn't walk or stand for more then 10 minutes with out a lot of pain. As I began physical therapy, cycling became a big impact on my improvement, and it brought hope back into my life and has become a big part of me. 

Nate was in a cycling accident Thursday. 
His spine was fractured, paralyzing him waist down. 

Nate's recent accident has been an emotional time for me. I have a hard time associating my new hobby without visualizing him at my side cheering me on, especially because cycling was a huge part of him as well. 

Nate will be in the ICU for the next few weeks, and is in need of as many prayers that we can give. 
The road ahead will be hard, but Nate is one of the strongest people I know. 

I know that this experience will bring me and others closer to the Lord and to exercise faith, hope, and prayer in his behalf.

Please keep Nate in your prayers.

 I am excited for the future and the new experiences that Nate, Lexi and I will have together.
We love you Nate!!!

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