Monday, May 19, 2014

Gilbert Weekend

Thursday afternoon we took off for Gilbert! 
 Tyler had another doctors appointment for his back...and everything is looking good!
He is gaining more strength in his leg, and isn't in as much pain as he has been. We are praying that it continues to heal itself. He still isn't fully back into his normal routine...(obviously that will take time) but the doctor did say that he can begin exercising a little to try and rebuild the muscles in his leg as well as his core muscles. To the gym we go! :) 
Please keep him in your prayers!
 Kiley, Brooke and Jami came over Friday afternoon to spend the night while Brandon was away on a church camp out. We played by the pool, made lots of necklaces, and watched Winnie the Pooh! 

Saturday was spent doing outside chores and swimming. Kiley was so brave in her 'muscles', but we're still working on getting her off those steps. :) 

Brookie wasn't quite so daring...after Uncle Chris did a cannon ball into the pool she preferred sitting on Jami's lap to watch us play. Way to go, Uncle Chris! 
 Can you tell I'm loving our new toy?? 
That little GoPro is so much fun, I highly recommend it!

Sunday, Holly had Baccalaureate. She got to introduce the Principal, and she did a great job!
We are so proud of her, I can't believe my baby sister is graduating this week!!!  

 First attempt at the family photo via GoPro...we're still working on it. 

We had such a great weekend, thanks Heninger fam for putting up with us!
Love you all, and see ya Thursday for graduation!!

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  1. The GoPro rocks! It will go great with our new Canon EOS 6D. We can share toys.