Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Box of Sunshine

Today we got the best surprise...
After hearing about Ty's back injury, our cute cousin Ashley Camp sent this sweet package all the way from Canada, full of fun surprises!
She wrote, "Since my bank account won't let me make a personal visit out to you, i thought a "box of sunshine" would be the next best thing!" 
Is this not the cutest idea?!?!
And how did you know that we needed sticky-notes and band-aids?! 
You just saved me a trip to WalMart.

We've already broken into those gummy peaches...and I can't wait to munch on those candy bars.
Thank you Ashley, you are the sweetest!! 

(P.S. We've been talking about how we can get up to Canada to come visit :) woohoo!! )

Isn't family the best??

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