Saturday, May 3, 2014

Exploring Yuma - yuma territorial prison

Tyler and I decided to check out the Yuma Territorial Prison today.
It was very interesting, so much history! 

 Guard tower

 When prisoners acted out, they were sentenced to the "Dark Cell" for anywhere from 1-12 days, where they were stripped to their undies and chained from both ankles. They only had one meal per day of bread and water, and the only light that entered the cell came from a small hole in the ceiling. 
We walked in about claustrophobic!!! 
One prisoner spent a consecutive 140 days in the dark cell (at least i think it was 140...i may be a few off) but gosh, i think I would've gone crazy!

Yuma is turning out to be a pretty neat town, it's been pretty fun exploring and learning more of its history! 

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