Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Halls Come to Yuma!

This past week my sister and two nieces made a visit to Yuma!!
We spent the days playing toys with Uncle Tyler, watching Beauty and the Beast, going to the park, and just enjoying each others company.


 Movie time!
 Brooke and Kiley loved their Mickey and Minnie sippy's from Uncle Ty.

 Tyler is by far the best Uncle in the world!
The girls loved playing with him, and did everything they could to keep his attention :)


Friday morning we headed out to the splash pad at Friendship Park. 
The girls weren't too impressed...but I had fun going down that whale slide! ;)

Uncle Tyler got to come home early, so after some lunch, Brookie's nap and some play time, he took us over to his job site for a quick tour.

 Kiley loved exploring the building, and looking out the big windows overlooking Yuma.

After dinner we headed over to West Wetlands Park, where they have the COOLEST castle playground! 

 Brookers loved going down the slides with Uncle "Ty Ty" :)

Castles, Jets, Animals, Trains, and so much more...seriously the coolest park ever. 


Saturday morning was spent playing at our house, then hitting up another park to wear out the girls before their drive home, and stopping by the giant Chicken! 

 It was so fun having these munchkins here, our home was definitely more exciting. :)
Thanks for coming down Jami, we had such a blast with you and the girls!!

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  1. Great trip!! You two are the BEST!! Love you!