Saturday, June 14, 2014

Idaho Weekend

Last weekend we were able to meet up in Rupert with all the Camps! 
It was such a blast, I hadn't met Flor or the kiddos yet, so it was nice to finally be with everyone!  
 Angie, Nerea, & Javi with Uncle Tyler
 Cousin Reed & fam came over for a BBQ Friday night. 
Their kids were about the same age as Javi & Angie, so they played together all night!
It was so cute, they referred to each other as "My new friend Bethany" or "My friend Martin!"
(Martin had Spiderman shoes (Javi's favorite) Javi decided they could be best friends!) 
 Javi, Nerea & Martin
 Angie & Bethany
 Stacey     ||     Flor & Reed's daughter 
Enjoying the beautiful weather! I could've sat outside all was gorgeous. 

Saturday morning we celebrated Angie & Javi's birthdays!
 Angie picked out what her cake said...
"Happy Birthday Angie Dear"
hahaha!! :)

 Angie and Nerea showing off their Little Ms Lex Beads.
Nerea in her new Minnie Mouse goggles...she didn't take them off all day! 
 Javi with his BMW remote control car, Nerea with her puppy

Saturday afternoon Garrett, Matt and Tyler took me to see Shoshone Falls before a visit to Grandma & Grandpa Reed!

 Even though the falls weren't full, they were still beautiful!

 Studly Bros

 GQ Matt

Saturday evening we gathered to take family photos. 
 Teaching Angie all the tricks of photography. ;) She was a natural!
 Flor and kids
 Angie, Flor, Javi, Cody & Nerea
 Grandma, Grandpa & Grandkids
 Camp Family
Garrett, Matt, Stacey, Terry, Cody & Tyler
 I got to get in front of the camera for Angie!

The Seals, (family friend and neighbor - pictured below), 
built a bunch of little "cabins" in his backyard.
Mr Seal has collected tons of antique tools, toys, and other fun treasures! 
After photos, it was fun to explore and see all the cool things they had around the yard. 

 Mrs Seal had so many beautiful flowers throughout the yard, these Poppies were my favorite!
 Each "cabin" held a bed and other collected treasures. 
Both of the Seals have their own cabin...Mr Seal said he often goes out to his for a nap! 

 AWESOME teepee, I want one. Pow Wows every day!     ||     Stacey and Mr Seal

 Gorgeous flower beds make for a great backdrop!

Sunday was family time, and after church Grandma & Grandpa Camp 
joined us for lunch and a visit!

It was such a great weekend.
Beautiful weather, great company, and lots of memories made! 

Thank you for having us Terry & Stacey, we can't wait to come back up! 
Love you Camps!! :)

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