Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Anniversary 2.15.16

On Monday, February 15th we celebrated our second anniversary!
We did it! We made it two whole years!

To celebrate, I surprised Tyler at his job site for a lunch date. We went to our new favorite 
sub shop, Jersey Mike's. After lunch we swung by Lowe's to get more supplies for our garden. (Yes! We started a garden!! And it's still alive!) Before I left for work, Tyler told me he had planned a little surprise for me as well...we were both getting off work a little early so we could go for a sunset hike picnic! 

((The first date that I took Tyler on, we went on a sunset hike picnic up Silly Mountain. It became a fun tradition, and every once in a while we find ourselves atop Silly Mountain with Firehouse subs enjoying the beautiful weather and watching the sunset.)) 

So after I got home from work, we worked real quick on our garden, then left for our hike. Instead of Firehouse this time, we picked up some Chipotle burrito bowls. (We had subs for lunch...so another sandwich just didn't sound too appealing.) It was so fun to spend the afternoon together, and the weather was so beautiful. Not to mention, walking off that burrito bowl felt pretty good too. ;) 

I love being a Camp, and am so happy that I get to spend eternity with this guy!! 

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