Monday, March 17, 2014

Road trippin'

This past week was Spring Break for my little sister. 
Tyler and I decided that I would come up the valley to spend some time with her, so Wednesday afternoon I hopped in the trusty Tig and set off!

Thursday was spent with Jami, teaching me how to "Coupon".
(Man, it really is a talent. All you couponers out there…hats off to you!)

Friday was Holly day, and we decided to take a mini-roadtrip out east!
We grabbed the camera, climbed in the bug, turned up 107.9, and cruised down the 60. 

 Hott sister for sale!

 I swear she was super glad I was there...
Thank goodness for quirky little towns and super cute sisters!

Friday evening Tyler got in…man, I missed that man!
Saturday morning, we rode my biggest ride yet..a whoppin' 46.3 miles!! 
Minus the wind, it was an awesome ride!

After our ride, some lunch, and some layin' out, it was Richards Posterity Picture time.  
Following pictures, Holly took Tyler and I on a hot date to Texas Roadhouse. For dessert, we hit up Coldstone, then headed home to watch "The Book Thief". 
(I highly recommend it) 

Sunday was spent at church and with the family. 

Overall, it was a great weekend spent with even greater people! 
Thanks for all the fun, Family!

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  1. So fun to see you!! Can't wait for you to live closer.