Saturday, March 22, 2014

Early Birthday Present

My husband is the best.
He spoils me ROTTEN. 
A few days ago he surprised me with my birthday present a few days early…Oakley Radarlock's for our cycling adventures! And I got to test them out today! 

I know what you're thinking…
"Man, i really wish i could wear some sweet spandex and killer shades like that every time go on a bike ride!"
Well the good news is, you can.
Just get ready for some goofy looks if you are riding in a pretty non-cyclist area. 

That being said, today was also my fist ride here in good ol' Yuma. It definitely is NOT a cycling-friendly area, but it's not terrible. We just woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to beat any traffic. 
(aka senior citizen drivers. yikes.)

The ride was good though, and my glasses were AWESOME! So thanks Ty, you da best.

And starting tomorrow…HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK TO ME!!!!!!! 
Any one else feelin' 22? or just me and T-sweezy?

**side note: Even though i may look super pro and amazing in the above pictures (hahaha)…i must admit that i totally ate it today at a stop in the park. I have 3 really neat bruise/road-rash combos. One on my butt, and one on both of my arms. Not quite sure how i managed to get BOTH arms in on this wreckage, but i did. Skills. Hats (or helmets?) off to Lexi!!  

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