Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas Eve morning Tyler and I found ourselves in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on our way to Salt Lake City. After a quick flight, (which I completely slept through,) we landed in the frigid cold state of Utah, where Matt was kind enough to come pick us up and drive us up to good ol' Rupert, Idaho! 

We spent Christmas Eve in Twin Falls with the Reeds, and it was lovely! 
We ate a delicious dinner and enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to sit and visit.
We love spending time with our grandparents, and since we don't get to see the Reeds very often, we soak up every minute spent with them. Grandpa and Grandma put together a beautiful calendar for each family member compiled of paintings by Grandpa and quotes found by Grandma. The evening passed too quickly, and after many laughs and stories, we packed up the car and headed back to Rupert. 
(I didn't get a photo of everyone...what was I thinking?!?!?!)

Christmas morning we woke up to this...

When everyone (Garrett) woke up, we gathered together and opened a few presents! 
Santa was good to us this year! :)

Terry whipped up some German Pancakes, a Camp Christmas tradition, and boy oh boy were they tasty!

The rest of the day was spent together, playing games, doing a puzzle, playing in the snow, the boys showing me how to drift in the snow, and Garrett teaching me how to get stuck in a snowbank, and Matt showing me how to be pulled out of it. haha!! 
Definitely a Christmas Day to remember :)
Snowball fight
(that's for you dad)
 Love these Camp boys!

Friday afternoon we went to the Twin Falls Temple.
It was beautiful! Neither Tyler or I had ever been to the Twin Falls temple, and we loved it. 
Fun side story:
I've been fighting a cold, and hadn't been drinking enough water, so there may have been a brief few minutes in the temple where all I remember is waking up to two beautiful angels (Terry and Tyler) looking over me. Yep, I totally fainted. haha! The sweet temple president came and held my hand while I laid on the floor, trying to come to my senses. All the workers were so sweet and helpful, and so worried about me. After I was able to sit up, then stand, walking to the dressing room to change felt good. And believe it or not, walking out of the temple and into the snow felt amazing!! 
Needless to say, our temple visit was cut a little short, but made for a great story. 
Of course, a little fainting spell couldn't keep me from asking for a photo in front of the temple. 
Bless the Camps for humoring me and my photos. ;)

After that excitement, Garrett and Matt came up and met us at Jakers for some dinner.
Grandma and Grandpa Camp came and met us too, and after dinner we went to their house to visit! It was so fun to be together for the evening. Like I mentioned before, since we don't get to see our out-of-town grandparents very often, we so enjoy every moment spent together. 

Saturday was spent at the house, visiting and playing more games! 
Our original plan was to leave Sunday afternoon, but after a quick check of the weather, Tyler and I decided to change our flight to later that afternoon, to beat the snowstorm coming Saturday night. We reluctantly packed up our stuff, and said our goodbyes. 
We were super bummed to leave early, we always have so much fun with our family and hate to cut it short! We definitely can't wait to get back up there. 

Thanks for the memories Camps, it was definitely one Christmas weekend we will never forget! :)

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