Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old News...BUT...

and it's the cutest house you ever did see. :)

When we found out we were nearing our end in Yuma, we started house-hunting in the Gilbert/Chandler/Mesa area. After scanning MLS for hours and viewing house after house, we made our list and set off with our realtor to view homes. 
 (Props to our realtor, Trent Powell. If you're looking for a realtor in the east valley, he is your man!)

Our second day out, we found the house of my dreams! Tyler needed some convincing, and we both wanted to keep looking, so for a few more days we continued to search the market. We finally got it down to 2 favorite, and one over on Val Vista. We went back to both to try and make a decision, and in the end we decided to make an offer on my favorite one! Long story short...we signed on August 1st, and by August 4th we were all moved in! 

It's been so fun getting things organized and making the house our home. We've painted almost everywhere, and are loving our clean, bare walls. (decorating is expensive. ;) )
We chose to paint with Benjamin Moore, and have used these three colors throughout the house. 
Boothbay Gray      //      Muslin      //      Stone Hearth

I know i've been promising pics for the family, so let's go for a tour! 
((sorry it took so long to post, Camp fam))

 living room / front entrance

 Toy room (for nieces and nephew) / My office

 Guest Bedroom

 Tyler's Office

 Family Room

( Yes, I was taking these photos in-between making dinner...I just wanted to show you all how good of a wife i am! ;) please excuse the mess. )


We absolutely love the area, our neighbors, and the ward. 
It's been so fun to putter around the house on Saturdays, doing yard work and cleaning the house, and it's the absolute best thing to be able to come home from work on the weekdays to OUR home. That mortgage payment is worth it. :)

We love visitors, so if you find yourself in the Mesa area, keep in are always welcome at the Camp Casa.

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