Saturday, August 9, 2014

Senior Trip

Last week Tyler and I got to take my little sister Holly and her friend McKenzie to California to celebrate Holly's freedom from high school.

Holly's one wish was to go to the Vans Surf Open, so we hopped in Tig and headed to Huntington Beach!

Before the girls scampered off to go find all the cute surfer guys they were dreaming about, I made everyone take a picture with me. (In case you haven't noticed in previous posts...GoPro group shots are my new favorite thing. So be prepared for a few more in this post, and probably in posts to come.)
Tyler and I were "lame" and just hung out waaaaaay down the beach with all the families. :)
After scoping out all the hotties, Holly & Kenzie came back to our side of the beach to swim!

Later that afternoon, Tyler and I braved the crowds and went down with the girls to check out all the festivities. 
Call me boring, but there were way too many people for my liking. 
And way too many bikini's on girls that really shouldn't have been wearing them. (yikes)
Watching the last surfers of the day

The next day was Sunday, so we hit up the local singles ward to try and convince Holly of all that a singles ward has to offer, (didn't work), then went to walk the Newport Beach temple grounds.
Unfortunately, the grounds were closed for cleaning, so we just snagged a few pics outside of the gates.

Then we drove up the coast a bit and ended  at Seal Beach. We walked the pier and watched some boogie-boarders catch some gnarly waves. 

Monday morning we packed up and drove down to San Diego, heading back to Yuma.
We hit up two beaches along the way, but decided (after getting pounded a few times) that the water was way too rough that day, and hit the road home a little early. 
 Soakin' up some rays

 Drying off before the trip back.

I am so happy that Holly chose us to take her on a little "Senior trip", I really had a good time!
 (Although, I can't say the same for Tyler...I think being the driver/parent of the trip was a little too stressful to be enjoyable. ;) )

Thanks for the memories Holly & Kenzie, you two are the cutest!! 

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