From the beginning

We probably have the most romantic “How We Met” story out there.
We met at the Singles Ward.
(Yes, it actually works sometimes. All those uncomfortable testimony meetings, awkward activities, and lame dates sometimes pay off.)

The story begins back in 2011, when Tyler moved to Mesa, AZ. Lexi was far off in the distant land of Thatcher, AZ attending Eastern Arizona College. One weekend, while she was home visiting, Lexi attended the YSA ward. Tyler saw Lexi across the chapel and immediately fell in the deepest of likes. After asking around, he found out that she was going to school and only visiting for the weekend. His hopes were crushed, and Lexi went back to school, only visiting every once in a while, where Tyler would gaze at her across the Chapel. 

Fast-forward 2 years…. It’s now January 2013 and Lexi is back in the Gilbert area. After ward hopping for a few weeks, she feels it necessary to settle her roots back in her correct ward, Indigo Bay. Tyler notices she is back, and starts his plan of attack to win her heart.

February 16th rolls around, and with it, the big multi-ward cowboy activity “Dancing under the Stars”. Loving everything cowboy-related, Lexi rounds up some buddies and decides to go scope out some fresh meat. Tyler, loving everything peach cobbler related, rounds up some roommates and decides to go scope out Lexi Heninger…and some Dutch oven peach cobbler. :)

This was the first time they actually had a conversation…but like previously mentioned, Lexi was on the prowl and very much distracted.  But she enjoyed chatting with Tyler, and kept an eye out for him every Sunday, trying to snag a seat by him in Sunday School…but to her dismay, he never asked for her number. Finally, after she could take it no longer, Lexi had to GIVE Tyler her number. He got the hint…and after deciding that he didn’t need to play hard to get anymore, asked her out. 

Needless to say, after our first date, we couldn’t stay away from each other. 8 months later, after 4 months of casual dating, and 4 months of the long-distant thing, (Tyler had been transferred to Yuma for work,) Tyler popped the big question. Soon thereafter, we tied the knot…and are now living our happily ever after, and keeping track of it right here on this blog. 

Here's to life, love, and trying to figure out this whole marriage thing. :)

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